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Welcome to the era of outstanding inner transformation

Game app with cutting-edge VR and AI technologies for detecting and reshaping of Fundamental Subconscious Beliefs.

We take best speech synthesis,

face swap and language based AI technologies to create for you a magic possibility: 


To meet your super intelligent 

Simply relax and tell about your emotional experience.  Anytime. Anywhere

Your ultimate intelligent AI "Higher self" knows you so good and owns the world's best psychology and personal growth techniques.

so now you can receive immediate help and possibility to recognize your inner subconscious beliefs that negatively programming your everyday life.

Dive into a deep meditation and reshape your  fundamental subconscious beliefs using live dialog with “Yourself” 


Put on VR glasses and Immerse in mindfulness VR game.  Experience your reshaping beliefs journey to the fullest through exciting game process. 

Just choose what kind of game you want to join: face loneliness, fight with the dragon of your anger, unblock money chanel or release sexual energy from blocked chakras, and so on.

Than go through VR scenarios that will uplift your life radically

Now you can feel the power of cutting-edge AI and  immersive VR technologies that combine deep psychology, psychosomatic and mindfulness knowledge with spectacular gaming process.

So we are welcoming you to a new era of Humanity: 

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Where any disease or psychological problems we will solve 


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